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Jennifer Ellis

Broker of Record

The year was 2001…

George was director of fleet maintenance for a large trucking company and I was working as an interior design assistant for a custom carpet company.  I was speaking with a co worker about real estate; I had a light bulb moment that real estate would be a great fit for me.

George decided to join me and we both went to real estate school in the evenings after work. As we were planning our May 2002 wedding, we went to real estate school in Morris Plains and learned about how many square feet an acre was and how interest rates worked.

We both passed the tests, had our fingerprints and background check done and we were on our way to being real estate agents.

We saw the market go up and then the market go way down. We added Jackson Ellis to the Ellis team and continue to learn about what is next is the real estate market.

It is now 2016 and we have our own brokerage Home Sweet Home Enterprises. With our years of real life real estate experience the great professionals we have met along the way, as well as continuing education, we can successfully help you get to the closing table.